Pricing Plan

Price per month, billed yearly in annual plans

Annual plans provide ~40% discount.


$39 For first 30 users / Monthly
Start 14-Days Trial


$59 For first 30 users / Monthly
Start 14-Days Trial


$99 For first 30 users / Monthly
Start 14-Days Trial


$59 For first 30 users / Monthly
Start 14-Days Trial


$89 For first 30 users / Monthly
Start 14-Days Trial


$139 For first 30 users / Monthly
Start 14-Days Trial
Task Management
Info Card
Shift / Location (coming soon)
Daily Survey
Event(coming soon)
Member Card
LMS / Training
Rewards / Recognation (coming soon)
Frequently Asked Questions

Want to ask something
from us?

Pepteam is available for both Android and iOS. Go to your app store (Apple App Store or Google Play Store) and search for Pepteam. Download the app and get started in seconds.

Serenity Is Multi-Faceted Blockchain Based Ecosystem, Energy Retailer For The People, Focusing On The Promotion Of Sustainable Living, Renewable Energy Production And Smart Energy Grid Utility Services.

No, pepteam is a cloud-based working all-in-one company application. All data is kept in secure cloud infrastructures. Therefore, you can start using it quickly after creating an account.

After downloading the application as an administrator-owner, you create your company account. Then, if you want, you can send an invitation code from your phone list or by message, or share the qr code with your team so that they are included.

Yes, if you are on a monthly plan, you can cancel at the end of your billing cycle.

Yes definitely. You can use the Pepteam app for free for a 14-day trial.

With your credit card, you can make the purchase by determining the package suitable for you and the number of users. Membership will be defined to the company account from which you made the purchase.

Immediately! After purchase, package definition is done in the background. You can get started by including other members of your team.

es, you can add single monthly users (monthly price for an individual user) and cancel at any time. If you have an annual contract, the users you have registered for the yearly contract are not flexible.

No, all pricing plans allow you to have an unlimited number of users and checklists. We charge the license cost per user in the Operation plans.

We are constantly working to make the app better. Thanks to the cloud infrastructure, you will be able to get the new updates and features quickly.

Module Features

Why you choose pepteam

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Operational Convenience

Create tasks and templates, assign them easily. Save time and avoid clutter by organizing your processes. Analyze your team's performance.

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Ditch Pen-Paper

Create control and inspection forms, digitally collect the necessary data from the field. Digitize your processes instead of paper and pencil and take quick action.

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Increase internal and team communication. Keep your teams informed and connected. Reach your mobile workers instantly through a secure business chat.

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Reach each employee with company news and posts. Determine who can see posts and know who viewed them.

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Increase employee motivation with recognition and rewards! Make sure everyone feels seen, heard and appreciated. Build a strong company culture, increase retention.

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Corporate Memory

All your employee files and forms in one employee documents app for better team management. Decide who will have view files permission.