Streamline your work and reduce costs with multiple modules integrated into
a single app!


Optimize Your Business Processes, Achieve Success!

% 50

Lower costs

Single platform instead of separate applications

4 X

Return on Investment

Investment made for the satisfaction and well-being of employees

% 60

Operational Speed Increase

By digitalizing processes and ensuring fast tracking

% 58

Increase in Employee Loyalty

With transparent, easy-to-follow and fast solutions for everyone

Human Resources

Build Loyalty, Reward Achievements

Create reports by tracking the performance of your teams in real time and manage your HR processes in the most efficient way.


Make Communication Fun, Increase Collaboration

Empower seamless and real-time information flow to all your personnel with your own communication application.

Operation Modules

Maximum efficiency with minimum operating time

Complete more tasks in less time by using time effectively with your teams.


Pricing Plan​

Discount 40%
  • $1.080 + VAT for one year for the first 30 users
  • $3 is added for each additional user
  • Payment by credit card
  • KIOSK is priced separately
  • $150 + VAT for one year for the first 30 users
  • $5 is added for each additional user
  • Payment by credit card
  • KIOSK is priced separately
Frequently Asked Questions

Want to ask something
from us?

Pepteam is available on both iOS and Android. Search for Pepteam in your app store (Apple App Store or Google Play Store). Download the app and you'll be up and running in seconds.

Without a doubt, yes. You may combine subscriptions to the operation, social, and HR packages.

No, Pepteam is a cloud-based operating all-in-one company application. All data is stored in safe cloud infrastructures. As a result, you may begin utilizing it right away after creating an account.

After installing the app as an administrator-owner, you establish your company account. Next, if desired, you may send an invitation code from your phone list or by message, or share the QR code with your team to add them.

Yes, you can end your monthly plan at the expiration of your billing period.

Yes definitely. You can use the Pepteam app for free for a 14-day trial.

Using your credit card, you may make the purchase by deciding the package suitable for you and the amount of users. Membership will be assigned to the corporate account from which the transaction was made.

Immediately! Upon purchasing, package definition proceeds in the background. You may begin by involving other members of your team.

Yes, you may add single monthly users (pay a monthly fee for each user) and cancel at any time. If you have an annual subscription, the users who have signed up for it are not flexible.

No, you may have an unlimited number of users and checklists with all subscription plans. In the operation plans, we charge the license cost per user.

Our team is constantly working on perfecting the app. You will be able to acquire new upgrades and features rapidly thanks to the cloud infrastructure.

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