Unlock the true potential of your workforce!

Instant Feedback

Prioritize customer experience

When a customer is logged in, our field teams and relevant personnel are automatically notified.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

It improves customer experience by increasing customer satisfaction.

Maximize your customer satisfaction by producing quick solutions in line with customer feedback. Happy customers mean loyal customers.

Gather information digitally
Track process
Give feedbacks instantly
Increased efficiency

Data-driven Operations

Master the data and manage your data-driven operations

Provides a quick feedback mechanism to detect and resolve problems. It also helps you provide better service by collecting all data.

Module Features

Why Pepteam?

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Operational Convenience

Create tasks and templates, assign them easily. Save time and avoid clutter by organizing your processes. Analyze your team's performance.

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Ditch Pen-Paper

Create control and inspection forms, digitally collect the necessary data from the field. Digitize your processes instead of paper and pencil and take quick action.

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Increase internal and team communication. Keep your teams informed and connected. Reach your mobile workers instantly through a secure business chat.

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Reach each employee with company news and posts. Determine who can see posts and know who viewed them.

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Increase employee motivation with recognition and rewards! Make sure everyone feels seen, heard and appreciated. Build a strong company culture, increase retention.

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Corporate Memory

All your employee files and forms in one employee documents app for better team management. Decide who will have view files permission.

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