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Save Money

Facilitate collaboration and communication among team members

With Pepteam, team members can easily be assigned and track tasks, provide feedback, and work in coordination to obtain project goals.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Provide a clear overview

Users can effectively manage their workload and avoid forgetting crucial tasks or deadlines, which can help to minimize stress and worry.

Assign Tasks
Track Progress
Push Notifications
Take photos and leave notes

Increase Productivity

Boost productivity and accomplish goals

Pepteam allows you to enhance your productivity and get more done in less time by concentrating on the most critical activities and completing them on time by its unique features.

Module Features

Why Pepteam?

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Operational Convenience

Create customized tasks and templates, assign them with one click. By streamlining your operations, manage and optimize time while avoiding complexity. Evaluate the performance of your team.

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Support Sustainability

Generate control and inspection forms, then digitally gather the essential field data. Instead of using paper and pencil, digitize your operations and respond quickly. Support ecological sustainability by eliminating paper from daily workflow.

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Boost teamwork and internal communication. Continually update and stay connected to your teams. Use a secure corporate chat to rapidly contact your employees via mobile

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Notify every employee about corporate updates and posts. Determine who has access to postings as well as who viewed them.

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Boost employee motivation with awards and recognition! Ensure that everyone feels heard, respected, and appreciated. Increase retention by creating a strong business culture.

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Corporate Memory

One employee documents app houses all of your employee paperwork and forms for improved team management. Specify who will be granted access to the files.

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