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Gathered Paperwork

Collect Dozens of Paperwork in One Digital Place

Stop using paper and simplify your life by not losing paperwork. Store all necessary company data, documents, contracts and records via Pepteam. Choose who can access.

Remote Access

Access Paperwork from Anywhere

Access necessary paperwork, documents, contracts from anywhere, at anytime with Pepteam Documents.

Limitless quota
Upload and share new documents
Store old documents

Online Archive

Clear Overview with Segmentation

Edit your online archive as you wish. Create new folders, upload documents underneath. No more dealing with paperwork, just access via Pepteam.

Module Features

Why Pepteam?

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Operational Convenience

Create tasks and templates, assign them easily. Save time and avoid clutter by organizing your processes. Analyze your team's performance.

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Ditch Pen-Paper

Create control and inspection forms, digitally collect the necessary data from the field. Digitize your processes instead of paper and pencil and take quick action.

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Increase internal and team communication. Keep your teams informed and connected. Reach your mobile workers instantly through a secure business chat.

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Reach each employee with company news and posts. Determine who can see posts and know who viewed them.

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Increase employee motivation with recognition and rewards! Make sure everyone feels seen, heard and appreciated. Build a strong company culture, increase retention.

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Corporate Memory

All your employee files and forms in one employee documents app for better team management. Decide who will have view files permission.

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